On November 3, 2013 Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel Niagara were appointed and began accepting new church members.

Why Membership?

The New Testament clearly indicates that groups of people who were followers of the Lord Jesus Christ identified themselves with and committed themselves to a particular local body. In order to implement the principles of accountability and commitment to the local body of Christ, as defined in the New Testament and practiced in the early churches, Harvest Bible Chapel recognizes the need for formal membership. Membership at Harvest Bible Chapel is for all who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and have visibly demonstrated that commitment through believer’s baptism.

Provided they have attended Discover Harvest and Harvest Essentials, any person expressing personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour who has expressed that commitment visibly by being baptized, should indicate their desire for membership by filling out a membership application form.

Once the application for membership is received, the next step is an elder interview. During the meeting with a church elder, you as a prospective member will share your testimony of conversion to Christ, your baptism, and ask any remaining questions about the church.

Your name will be posted for a period of two weeks. During this period members will be encouraged to clear up any relational or other difficulties which could hinder your ministry among us. This is done in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-17 so that both you and the Harvest family will benefit.

At the end of the two-week period approved candidates will be welcomed into membership.